Donation Thresholds

Once donated (Total on your account) you will get theese:  [Keep in Mind, you still get your donor points too ofc] - Contact Admin for rewards

[Disclaimer: Do not donate unless you can actually afford it & wants to. I do not intend for people to donate to get theese benefits. its a choice you made if you wanna do this]

[BONUS DP]  If you donate via this link, you will…

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$20 Dollar Promotion

Donate atleast $20 to get yourself a Reborn Package which includes the following:


  • 5 Vote tokens
  • Reins of the Sacred Dragon (Flying in all Zones) with 150% ground speed and 425 % fly speed
  • Reins of the Cleft Hoove (175% ground speed and your morphs into it)
  • SparklingWoWs reborn Bag Which has very good stats + a 20% increase stat buff
  • Fel-Golem which is basically just a alternative world teleporter of the standard one
  • 2 Mystery Crates With 2 Mystery Keys (Contains Items Tier 13+) / Chance 


!Can only be claimed once!



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Welcome to SparklingWoW

Hello there and welcome to SparklingWoW, I hope your enjoy your stay


Make sure to join us in Discord. you see the link to the top left corner


Stay safe !